CaNit calcium nitrate

Easy to use fertiliser. A valuable source of calcium and nitrogen in horticultural
and agricultural crops. The nitrate is ideal for use in fertigation and for foliar feeding.

It can be used individually or in the form of mixtures with other fertilizers that do not contain sulfates and phosphates.

Form colourless or yellowish liquid
Chemical formula Ca(NO3)2 + water
Ca(NO3)2 content 48,0 %
Overall nitrogen content 8,5 %
N-NO3 content 8,5 %
CaO soluble content 17,0 %
Density 1,48 kg/dm3
pH 4,0 - 8,0
Packaging Containers: 5 l, 20 l, 1000 l IBC containers, other as per customer specification



  • Fruit farming: 3-6 l / 500-1000 l of liquid, 4-8 treatments after the formation of fruit buds, every 10-14 days
  • Fruit and vegetables under cover: 0.5-1 l / 100 l of liquid, 2-6 treatments throughout the plant growth period, every 10-14 days
  • Strawberries: 2-3 l / 400-600 l of liquid, 3-4 treatments from the end of flowering, every 7-10 days
  • Field vegetables: 3-4 l / 500 l of liquid, 2-4 treatments from the second leaf stage or 2 weeks after planting the seedlings, every 10-14 days
  • Agricultural crops: 4-6 l / 500 l of liquid, 2-4 treatments in the early stages of plant development, every 10-14 days


  • 0.4-0.6 l / 1000 l of liquid
  • Field crops: 4 weeks after planting, every 5-7 days
  • Growing in inert soil: every day from the moment of planting, based on water analysis



  • Do not exceed recommended doses.
  • If mixing with other fertilisers or protective agents a test should be carried out.
  • Less fertiliser may be applied for younger plants.
  • Avoid spraying under strong sunlight.
  • Do not mix calcium nitrate with fertilisers containing sulphates, phosphates
    and in concentrated solutions.


Saletra wapniowa stała

Liquid calcium nitrate

Solid magnesium nitrate

Liquid magnesium nitrate



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